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Cremation Code of Ethics

Every employee of Cremation has promised and signed their name to this Cremation Code of Ethics providing families with the absolute unsurpassed, highest level of confidence. We welcome and encourage comparison of our performance and assurances to any other cremation provider. Adopted from the ICCFA Cremation Guidelines.

Personal Commitment

As an employee of, I hereby adopt and uphold the Cremation Code of Ethics as a set of values and minimum standards and pledge to perform in a manner consistent with or greater than the Code of Ethics maintaining respect, dignity, and care for the deceased and the survivors. In the event that a consumer feels the standards outlined herein are inconsequential or unacceptable, at their request, I will respectfully assist them to find a provider that might better meet their needs. All references herein to "Authorizing Agent" refer to the person(s) with the legal authority to control the disposition of the remains.

The Deceased and Identification

Regarding those tasks applicable to me that are within my care or control, beginning with the transfer from the place of death until the cremated remains are either placed in the final resting place or returned to the Authorizing Agent or their assignee, the remains of the deceased shall be handled in a dignified manner which shall include the following:

Respect and Dignity: Prior to cremation, the remains of the deceased shall be properly clothed or covered and at all times the cremated remains will be handled and protected with dignity and respect.

Identification System: The crematory shall at all times be able to identify the remains of the deceased before, during and after cremation.

Pre-Cremation Preparation:Prior to cremation, the remains of the deceased are to be properly handled in a manner consistent with generally accepted mortuary methods and any applicable governmental agency policies, laws, rules and regulations.(refer to Daily Cremation Preparation Procedure)

Positive Identification by Authorizing Agent: Prior to cremation, the remains of the deceased shall be positively identified by the Authorizing Agent or their assignee or the Authorizing Agent shall decline this offer in writing

Personal Possessions: The placement or removal of any personal possessions, such as jewelry, etc. to be cremated with the deceased, must be by written instruction of the Authorizing Agent, if this is not in writing the jewelry will then be placed in the urn assuming it will fit or returned to the Authorizing Agent.

Foreign Material: Non-bone fragment foreign material that was part of the deceased prior to cremation and recovered with the cremated remains, such as an internal prosthesis, shall be removed prior to processing. Such material may be comingled with other like material and shall be

disposed of in a dignified manner in accordance with applicable laws

Consumer Rights and Expectations

Cremation consumers shall be afforded the following courtesies and consideration as may be applicable:

Good Faith: All interactions will be with professionalism, respect, dignity and in accordance with all applicable laws.

Full Disclosure: A written explanation of the cremation process including any restrictions, such as metal caskets, will be provided to the Authorizing Agent prior to the performance of any cremation and any questions related to the process or potential options of final disposition will be answered. All documents required by law, including any authorizations, will be explained and copies provided for the Authorizing Agent's retention.

Witnessing: The Authorizing Agent shall be advised of their right to witness the placement of the deceased into the cremation chamber and shall accept or decline this offer in writing. Witnessing of any aspect of the cremation and processing procedure shall be in compliance with all applicable law and safety regulations.

Timing of Cremation: Prior to cremation, the approximate timing of the cremation shall be disclosed in writing and acknowledged by the Authorizing Agent.

Release of Remains: Cremated remains shall only be released, delivered, mailed or disposed of in a dignified manner, in accordance with the law and with expressed written consent of Authorizing Agent.

The Crematory

Cremation consumers can be assured that the operational standards of the crematory adhere to the following:

Certified Operators: All cremations are performed under the auspices of an operator certified by ICCFA or another recognized authority.

Individual Cremation: All cremations are performed individually unless there is a specific request by the Authorizing Agent instructing the contrary for extenuating circumstances such as the simultaneous death of a parent and child. The crematory shall reserve the right to grant or decline a special request by an Authorizing Agent.

Record Keeping: Records, logs and documentation are maintained in a clear, correct, organized and timely manner.

Cleanliness: The crematory will be maintained in a clean, orderly manner and ready for unannounced inspection at any time.

Recovering Cremated Remains: After each and every cremation, manual means, such as brushing, and industry-specific mechanical means, such as vacuuming, will be employed to retrieve the cremated remains.

Disposition of Cremated Remains: 100% of the cremated remains recovered from the cremation chamber and processing equipment shall be prepared for disposition in the manner directed per the written instructions of the Authorizing Agent.

Animals and Pets: The crematory will not cremate animals or pets in a cremation chamber used for the cremation of human remains.

Applicable Law: The crematory and all assigned personnel will obey and operate in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations of any governmental authority with oversight or jurisdiction over the crematory.

Crematory Personnel: The crematory will only employ individuals of integrity to operate the crematory, interact with the public, maintain records and engage in the recovery, handling and delivery of cremated remains.

Education and Training: The crematory is committed to provide initial training for its staff along with continuing education and certification.

If you are interested in cremation, you should know that we manage and operate our own crematory and maintain the highest standards in the death care profession.



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Cremation Code of Ethics