June 18th, 1973 - December 13th, 2023

In loving memory of Brandie Marie Stoddard.

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Heather L. Borrego
April 10, 2024 10:12 am

Our Father Who Art In Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name….
Brannie Muffin, we are connected Forever πŸ’œ Our sophomore year at Napa Valley High School, 1989-1990; forever changed our lives πŸ’œ we took the Good with the bad: as Our Borrego Familia, taught us πŸ’œ I see you in Lily Lou’s face, actions and mostly in her inner strength (Auntie Brandie)! I know that you are with Jesus, being the goofy kid that you are; Worshipping God Almighty, Dancing and Singing your Heart Out! I am so so blessed to have grown up with You Bran πŸ’œ I love you sis πŸ’œ