Pricing offers complete cremation packages to families throughout Riverside County as well as Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego, and Imperial counties, plus surrounding areas for just $995 for Direct cremation with container provided by the purchaser or $2,445 if you choose a to have a memorial service.

Mandatory Fees and Taxes

Our packages include the crematory fee, the cost of permits, the cost of obtaining the death certificate, and sales tax at 7.75%. It does not include certified copies of the death certificates or coroner’s fees (if applicable).

Fees for Standard Options

You may add to our basic packages’ standard services such as the scattering of ashes or obtaining certified copies of the death certificate on your behalf. Each service and item is individually priced. A full list of our options and prices can be found in our General Price List.

Questions about the cost of our cremations?

If you have any questions about our prices or what’s included in our direct cremation packages, please call us at 800-922-7773. We are available day and night.

Prices are dependent on additional services selected. You are strongly advised to examine our General Price List before you arrange a cremation. This list exists to protect your rights.

Direct Cremation Packages

Direct Cremation with Container Provided by the Purchaser - $995

  • All such containers must meet any applicable state or crematory requirements.

Mortuary Dignity Honor Cremation Package - $2445

The Service

  • Basic Services of the Funeral Director and Staff for Direct Cremation - $445
  • Refrigeration (3 days) - $100
  • Use of Facilities and Staff for Memorial Service - $495
  • Transfer of remains from place of death to funeral home  - $225
  • Dignity Honor Cremation Flowers - $395
  • Crematory Fee - $225

Memorial Package

  • Signature Series - $295

Family Support Options

  • Select 1 Cremation Plan Support Option - $275


  • Batesville Trayview - $275


  • Total Package Price - $2730
  • Package Savings - $285
  • Package Price with Savings - $2445

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