The Cost of Cremation

With the price of traditional funeral services steadily increasing, a simple and affordable direct cremation can be the best option for you and your loved one. If costs and complexity are major concerns, or if you’re overwhelmed and looking for simplicity, direct cremation services are an easy and affordable way to find peace of mind.

Why Cremation Is More Affordable Than a Traditional Funeral

Direct cremation is a straightforward service that occurs immediately after death, a simplified alternative to more traditional cremation. As a result, direct cremation is the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective funerary option available. Your loved one is brought into the care of the crematory, and they are cremated right away so their remains can be returned to you as soon as possible. The costs and headaches of traditional funeral services are avoided.

The unfortunate truth is that the price for a traditional burial and funeral service can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars—and it’s a price that seems to always be rising. The lower costs of direct cremation, however, have been steady for over a decade, allowing direct cremation to remain the most affordable and efficient way to ease a family’s burden.

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With direct cremation, you don’t need to worry about the costs of purchasing a casket or headstone, scheduling a religious service, or catering a reception. There’s no hearse or limousine to rent, no events to plan. There’s no need for embalming services, either. The ashes of your loved one are simply returned to you in a container of your choosing, whether that’s a decorative urn or a simple biodegradable scattering tube.

Why a Low-Cost Cremation Can Be a Good Choice

Direct cremation is the most convenient and economical choice for memorializing your loved one, allowing you the flexibility to put them to rest in a way that’s best for both you and them.

Planning a traditional funeral is not only stressful but hectic, with everything needing to happen quickly. Direct cremation removes this artificial timeline and allows you to say goodbye to your loved one at your own pace, whether that’s right away or weeks in the future. This allows you a moment to breathe, to process your grief, and to memorialize the deceased however you want.

Because the service is simple, direct cremation allows for a more personal farewell. Not everyone can relate to the rigid rules of a traditional funeral, nor is everyone religious. Some would prefer to say goodbye without a lot of fanfare. With direct cremation, you can hold a memorial, ash scattering ceremony, or other celebration of life on your own schedule.

Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on a funeral, either. Direct cremation is a low-cost way to put your loved one to rest without increasing your own suffering.

How Keeps Things as Simple and Affordable as Possible

Since 1975, has been helping families arrange cremation services for their loved ones. Our mission is to make this process as easy as possible, while also remaining sensitive to the challenges faced by families in this difficult position.

We offer personalized professional cremation services at an affordable price. With our state-of-the-art crematory, your loved one never leaves our care. Once death has occurred, all you need to do is call us, and we take care of everything, including obtaining death certificates and transportation, even if your loved one is located in another state. We’re also available to inter your loved one’s ashes, for free, in a dedicated portion of the cemetery.

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